Thursday, August 25, 2016


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Some Information

Inside Higher Ed is running a piece today on how university boards - such as the regents - deal with, or should deal with, issues of "campus climate." The statement comes from the Association of Governing Boards. You can find the statement itself at
and the write-up about the statement at: The statement is pretty general; you probably won't find it to be controversial. However, since the UC system is a member of that Association, it's likely that its publications and views come to the attention of the regents and administrators. (Various UC campus foundations, including UCLA's, are also members.)

You can find out about the organization and read its reports at:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Don't Take the Risk and Click

Did you receive an email today with the text below?

Good afternoon!
We wanted you to know that you received Honorable Mention as part of yesterday’s “Who’s Who in Academia” series, published by News Digest International and written by Connor Schaeffer...

It may be harmless. But the best thing to do is delete it and not click on your "honorable mention."

The Inside Story

Yours truly took a look inside the new UCLA Grand Hotel. No expense has been spared on the luxurious $150+ million UCLA Grand Hotel. Fancy artwork on the walls. Tours being held for event planners. But the word "hotel" is the one absent feature. Despite the numerous guest rooms, the check-in desk where guests register, etc., it's just a "conference center" according to the signage. Wonder why. There is that lawsuit about paying the same hotel taxes as other commercial hotels. Could that be the reason? Just asking.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Heaven at UCLA

...Dr Rajiv Parti was rushed into the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center on Christmas Eve in 2010 after complications removing his pancreatic cancer. Medics had given him a catheter to wear since he lost control of his bodily functions. But within hours, he had developed sepsis. His groin became red, swollen, sore, and he had a 105-degree fever. The next day, after being sedated overnight with morphine, he was wheeled into the operating room. It was in that moment that he witnessed what he believes was 'the afterlife'. And he has described the supposed 'details of heaven' in his new book, Dying To Wake Up...

Full story at

Lesson: The next time you check into the UCLA hospital, be sure to take your shoes:

Monday, August 22, 2016

No Games at Berkeley

What is not going to be done
...Dirks called Napolitano on Monday, agreeing he would stay on through the academic year while she conducts a search for his replacement.

“In the end, it was Nick’s decision” to step down, she said.

Some faculty members who had been pushing for a “no confidence” vote on Dirks are still debating whether to call publicly for him to leave sooner, something Napolitano said is both “unnecessary and unwise.”

I don’t see any value in playing musical chairs,” the former Arizona governor and federal Homeland Security chief said.

Full story at

No. We're not quite sure of the metaphor either. 


Ron Johnson
Ken Burns
From Inside Higher Ed:

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, Republican in a tight re-election battle, says quality documentaries could replace many instructors, and blames tenured professors for preserving the "higher education cartel."...

Story at

But maybe Burns could replace Johnson as a senator. We can see it now: (Sorry; won't work in iPhone)